So, you want to come here and read some awesome articles right? Well, that's exactly what we are going to do for you and keep doing because that's what we love to do.

We will probably be writing on small businesses that are having success and some that are not and what they can do to get more eyeballs to their site and company.

Writing is our love and by writing, one can educate, learn, give, help, and just be of whatever service is needed to all the readers out there in the internet world!

These small businesses in our beautiful USA used to be the way we grew up with our family. Meaning, we were raised, went to school, got married, bought our first home (cuz we could back then) and start our own business if we wanted to (cuz we could back then) or take over the family business.

Well, it is our goal to try to help as many of those small local businesses by writing about them and getting them recognition for them to get more customers.

You see by using every avenue on the internet, one can get millions of views and new customers by knowing what and how to use the internet and all the social networks out there.

We also love to get homeowners and businesses to go green. Solar panels, recycling or anything we can all do together to help our environment go green. Our world needs us to do this and we want to be a part of this movement to help our world!

I know we have a ton of writing to do to make a difference and we will do it. this is why we are here so if you have any suggestions or questions, please ask us on the blog post that is pertinent to your questions.

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The Best Skiing is at Pocono Ski Resorts

Okay, as a group, we have traveled to find the best of the best ski resorts! We came up with Pocono Ski Resorts, what an incredibly beautiful mountain area to ski with family.

Pocono Ski Resorts were found to have several activities, not just excellent skiing, but they have ice skating and snow tubing along with the beautiful ski trails. So, we ended up staying over our original 4 days. We stayed for 7 days! It was the best choice we made in a long time.

Pocono Ski Resorts

What more could a family want than to have different activities on the same mountain as where the family is skiing!

Our night skiing is 100% lit as well as home of the several Terrain Based Learning programs for all adults and kids. All of our snow trails are beautiful and easy for beginning riders as well as harder trails for the most advanced skiers and snowboarders. What you need to do is to come on over and have a great experience for your winter fun. Join us at Pocono Ski Resorts at Alpine Mountains in PA.

Alpine Mountain Resort is an absolute family friendly ski community located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Our ski area has 21 trails that are wide but not too steep for those who can't ski that type of a mountain trail. This is also a great hill to learn to ski or snowboard. Our gorgeous lounge at the lodge overlooks the slopes and offers a great menu along with live entertainment on the weekends. Alpine also has snowshoeing for some extra fun as well.

So, thanks for reading our article and be sure and visit this beautiful location in the Pocono Mountains in PA...

All our best to all of our valued readers!


Do You Need Computer Repair in Suwanee

This is what we write about on our blog and we just felt compelled to write about this Computer Repair Suwanee company that is owned by a family we actually met while on vacation.

Crazy stuff due to the fact that one of our laptops just completely died! And this is not what happens regularly, but when this does happen we need our laptop fixed ASAP. As you can imagine right....

Our laptop is our livelihood.

Computer Repair Suwanee was the first computer fix-er-upper that we called. We went into their business location, for it was near where we were staying. Can I just say this business had excellent customer service, I mean by far the best service I've had in a long time anywhere.

On top of being so attentive to our needs, they looked at our laptop right then and there. Amazing, and then opened it, took only about 20 minutes, and wella! Fixed it.

Now, they needed to put some new parts in it, which I have no idea what they were, don't care, just needed it fixed asap.

Besides fixing our laptop in no time at all, the cost of this service was extremely affordable. Go figure.

Here's the bottom line for this computer repair service in Suwanee and that is they are a local computer repair service company, excellent customer service, repaired within a very reasonable amount of time, and then the cost was very affordable.

What more can you ask for?

Not a darn thing, that's what.

So, if you are living in Suwanee or traveling in this area and your computer/laptop takes a dive, you absolutely have to go to Computer Repair Suwanee. We will not write about anything that is not awesome info. This is awesome info!

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